Step by step process to upgrade UCM 10g to 11g i.e to fusion infrastructure. These steps are exact replica from the upgrade that I performed prior implementation at customer site.

1.   Install Webcenter 11g Suite

Install 11g Webcenter Suite and create a domain for UCM and check whether UCM 11g Admin console is coming up properly.

In Our environment we have installed  UCM 10g and in the same node we installed Weblogic  Server 11g (which has UCM 11g).

Refer  Install Webcenter 11g Suite

2.Upgrade Oracle UCM schema

We are using Mocha Xserver in our desktop as display server

Start mocha server in the desktop.Open a telnet session for server and export DISPLAY to IP address of desktop

export DISPLAY=

Navigate to Enterprise Content Management Home bin(11g) directory and invoke upgrade assistant.

cd /apps/opt/fmw/webcenter/Oracle_ECM1/bin


Chose the radio button to Upgrade Universal Content Management Schema

We had already taken a backup of schema. We had also checked certification matrix for upgrade, hence checked both the option and proceed further..

Here enter the 10g UCM instance directory bin location

Enter the database access details for 10g UCM schema

3.   Upgrade UCM Middle Tier

Navigate to Enterprise Content Management Home bin(11g) directory and invoke upgrade assistant

cd /apps/opt/fmw/webcenter/Oracle_ECM1/bin


Choose the option to Upgrade UCM middle Tier

Enter 10g UCM instance bin directory details

Here give the location of the UCM domain which we created. We can backup the cs directory in weblogic 11g domain and then create a new cs directory.

Enter the access details for Weblogic Admin Server

4.   Change the Data Source for UCM 11g

From Weblogic Admin Console navigate  Services -> Data Sources -> CSDS

Enter the UCM 10g schema details and then restart UCM server and the weblogic admin server.

5.   Verify Instance

Start upgrade assistance again

cd /apps/opt/fmw/webcenter/Oracle_ECM1/bin



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