Primavera P6

Primavera provides a set of integrated components that meet the project management needs of different areas of an organization. It uses standard Windows interfaces, Web-enabled technology with application server and database support.

Primavera P6 can be implemented on a standalone or client/server machine. For the client/server implementation requires the installation and configuration of both client software and server-based components.

Primavera Server Component:

Primavera may require the installation and configuration of the following server-based components:

  1. Database: Project data and project methodologies are each stored in separate central databases. These two databases should be maintained on a database server running Oracle.
  2. Group Server: If your implementation of Primavera includes the Timesheets client module, you must install the Group Server. This component is a Windows 2003 service that runs on your Web server and allows clients to download Timesheets from that server using their Web browsers.

Primavera Client Component:

The Primavera P6 solution consists of the following client modules:

  1. Project Management: Project Management is a module that enables users to plan and control a large number of projects.
  2. Methodology Management: Methodology Management is a module for authoring and storing methodologies, or project plan templates.
  3. Timesheets: Timesheets is a Web-based inter-project communication and timekeeping system

Additional Components:

Primavera implementation may require the installation of one or more optional components. These additional components expand the functionality of the Primavera solution:

  1. P6 Web Access: P6 Web Access provides browser-based access to project, portfolio, and resource data across the enterprise. Every P6 Web Access user can customize dashboards to create an individualized and focused view of the specific projects and categories of project data that are most relevant to their role in managing projects and resources.
  2. (Distributed) Job Service: The Job Service is a Windows 2003/ 2008 service that runs defined jobs on project data at preconfigured intervals. Users create jobs in the Project Management module. The job details are stored in the central project management database. The Job Service periodically reads the database and performs jobs as directed. This service must run on a server that has a constant connection to the database server.
  3. ProjectLink: ProjectLink is a plug-in that enables Microsoft Project (MSP) users to work in the MSP environment while being connected to Primavera’s enterprise features.
  4. SDK (Software Development Kit): The SDK enables you to integrate the data in the project management database with external databases and applications. It provides access to the schema and to business logic. The SDK supports the Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) standard and ODBC-compliant interfaces, such as OLE DB, for connecting to the project management database. The SDK may be installed on any computer that needs to integrate with the Primavera database.

P6 Configuration and Component requirements

The following table lists each client component and the corresponding server-based components that it requires.


  • If using Oracle as the RDBMS, these modules require the Oracle client software to be installed on the client computer.
  • The Job Service is an optional component for the Project Management module.
  • The Group Server is an optional component for P6 Web Access; it is required if you are using the Timesheets functionality of P6 Web Access.
  • P6 Web Access is an optional component for Timesheets and is only required if resource timesheets must be reviewed and approved.
  • The Content and Workflows Repositories are optional components of P6 Web Access. They can serve as aids in document management and project request processes

Primavera P6 Standard Architecture:

Proposed P6 Configuration :

Practical Product Limits:
The following table summarizes various practical limits. Exceeding these limits can result in performance issues.

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