DB Console issue after cloning environment

Issue: – 1

On Applications with RDBMS After cloning dbconsole cannot start. When Checking the $ORACLE_HOME/bin directory and the following emagent, emdctl programs are missing.

Step by Step Solution to start and discover DB target to DB Console in Stat and elabs Environments:

1)     Source DB environment and run emca as bellow.

2)     Running EMCA Results in Database quiesce And No New Connections or Operations Can Be Performed During the DB Control Repository Creation, there is some possibility of application hang and which may lead to unplanned downtime. Reference note: 375946.1 So better plan for downtime.

3)     Complete bellow pre-req before running emca  note: 358201.1

–          Ensure REMOTE_LOGIN_PASSWORDFILE=EXCLUSIVE is set in the init.ora for the database

–          Create a password file:

orapwd file=$ORACLE_HOME/dbs/orapw$ORACLE_SID password=simple4u entries=5

4)     Shutdown Application and DB  for a clean process down, and then start only DB tier.

5)     Run emca

emca -config dbcontrol db -repos recreate

–          This will prompt for SID, Listener port, SYS password, DBSNMP password and SYSMAN password.

–          This will take a while to complete repository creation.

6)     Check for successful completion of above command, warnings can be ignored. Check EM url and try to login with sys password as sysdba.

7)     Now dbconsole started, but agent daemon may not be running to collect target monitoring information.

8)     Issue bellow commands to confirm the agent daemon issue.

–          emctl status dbconsole

  1. i.      This will show agent daemon is not running.

–          emctl status agent

  1. i.      This will give Missing either emdctl or emagent from $OH/bin

9)     This is because make emagent failed during cloning. Referring to Note: 849772.1 and 790941.1

–          cp -p env_emagent.mk env_emagent.mk.bak( in location Oraclehome/sysman/lib)

–          Edit env_emagent.mk amend the line
to be

–          vi env_emagent.mk
Look for the line (line 2938 or thereabouts) …
Change it to
Save and quit.

–          make -f ins_emagent.mk agent

–          Look for successful make, ignore warnings

10)                     Do DB console bounce

–           emctl stop dbconsole and emctl start dbconsole

11)                     Check for agent collection status

–          Emctl status agent

–          Emctl upload

–          Login to DB console URL and check DB status.


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