New patch required after installing PSU to ASM environments

An ASM Regression issue has been reported with PSU. A Mandatory patch is being recommended to resolve the ASM regression issue. There is very high possibility of running into the ASM regression issue with PSU. No action is required if ASM is not being used in the environment Some of the symptoms are: […]

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Auditing SYS User

Why audit the SYS user, when SYS is super user? Since we deal with critical and confidential data it becomes highly necessary to monitor even the SYS user for data integrity. Data integrity refers to the validity of data; meaning data is consistent and correct. As the need to derive meaningful information from large sets […]

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AWR and Performance Tuning

Oracle 10g provides a wealth of features, and my favorite among them is AWR. AWR has come to my rescue in critical situations where our  customers face performance issues. AWR collects database performance statistics and metrics for analysis and tuning, shows the exact time spent in the database, and even saves session information Performance can […]

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