Oracle WebLogic Server 11g – JVM Diagonostics – Sun JVM & JRockit JVM

Java Virtual Machine (JVM) : The Java Virtual Machine (JVM) is a virtual “execution engine” instance that executes the bytecodes in compiled Java class files. Java programs are compiled into a form called Java bytecodes. To the JVM, a stream of bytecodes is a sequence of instructions. Tuning the JVM to achieve optimal application performance […]

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Fusion Middleware Overview – Become a Fusion DBA

Fusion Middleware – Portfolio of Oracle Middleware Products Here are the Fusion Middleware  family of products Application Server – Java EE 5.0  Containers SOA Suite – Integration and Process Management User Interaction – Web Center and Portal Identity Management Suite – Broad range of IM products Business Intelligence – Platform for BI and Data Warehousing […]

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